Today, I’d spend some time talking Bugs! Yeah,… These bad guys that cause Meningitis… Who dem be self? They are members of the #pepperthemgang… And they’ve been causing a lot of trouble around for ages.. The #BaddestGuy amongst them rocking our Dear Nation #Nigeria is #Neisseria meningitidis… The other #BadGuys … Continue Reading Meningitis

Mis’s we meet everyday!!!

Mishaps.. Misfit…. Mistakes, Mischief, Misunderstanding, Mismatches, Misadventures, Misfortunes, Misbehaviours, Miscellaneous, Miscalculations, Miscreants and the list is endless… But there’s one Miss that I’d never regret meeting… I’d so love to spend every second with….a minute from this Miss and I’m already missing Her Soft spoken, sweet words! Gentle, and so … Continue Reading Mis’s we meet everyday!!!

Hurried Decisions III

“Mike! Mike!!!” I yelled his name down the street wearing my white strap shirt and the towel that was nearly falling off… I had just had my evening bath around 6:30pm…I held my green towel in one hand and I hurried off after Mike wearing two different flip-flop pieces. Anyone … Continue Reading Hurried Decisions III

Hurried Decisions II

I recall a few months before Mike proposed. We had been dating for like 6 months and I noticed something about Mike. He would always be like… “Michelle… Michelle… How many times have I told you not to…. ” This was Mike’s usual chant. It was either the way I … Continue Reading Hurried Decisions II

The Companion in You

Very soft, Very sweet. Very beautiful, and cute. With you, life is always cool And never lonely… Cos… You are the best companion. Through thick and thin On my shoulder you still lean And in times of abundance, You’d never ask for extravagance Simple, but smart. Moderate …  Bright Your … Continue Reading The Companion in You

The Untidy Me

Call me dirty He calls me purity Say I stink He says… Of you I think ” I may look clumsy I may act simple I may be unkempt My Lord still puts up with me….   Guess what He says…. I love the sinner in you… It’s just the … Continue Reading The Untidy Me


Are you gifted in writing, then pick that pen and write NOW… Are you un-gifted in writing, do the same and see…trust me…the results are mouth rending… I’m sure you are wondering what the results are, right? You write and see… Freestyle, express yourself with the words, let them come … Continue Reading A CALL TO WRITE