Born to Die

​Disclaimer: This article contains sensitive content. Readers Discretion Advised!!!  Jibowu, Lagos .  April 2016 The smell of a decomposing fetus had greeted the neighbors for two days now. “Can these young girls not keep their business far from our wastebins?” Mama Caro asked. “If they chose to play the game, … Continue Reading Born to Die

Funny? Definitely! 

It’s Friday. Freestyle Friday. Fun Friday And Freebies Friday!  Let’s get laughing already as we look through these heroes who have cracked our ribs through our television screens from Nollywood. Lookout for the freebies at the end of the article. They are Nollywood’s Funniest! Sam Loco Efe The late veteran … Continue Reading Funny? Definitely! 


Walking the valley Gazing through the stones Rough terrains I must scale   The journey seems far Strength fades Hope I must,because of the goal. Taking the first step I thought to myself Wasn’t hard after all. Fear held me all the while Oh! I’ve been deceived The road isn’t … Continue Reading STEP

The Vagitus

Life!  The cry of a newborn ushers in life. Painful as that cry might sound, the child’s brain function, or otherwise, could depend on whether that cry was a loud shrill, a low whisper, or even totally absent. Nurses have been falsely tagged notorious for beating children who didn’t cry … Continue Reading The Vagitus

Celebrating Legends

Hi there, It’s a beautiful Friday and I can see you preparing for the weekend already. Shopping, traveling, hanging out with close friends, or just sitting indoors being a couch potato, whatever you do this weekend, one thing is for sure -EnGw got you covered with loads of creative fun,  … Continue Reading Celebrating Legends

Let it Go! 

​I think of it as an impossible task. Yes. It’s nearly impossible to forgive, or so it appears. Alright, before you go all out criticising my thinking, just know that I was only joking. Forgiveness is very possible, and indeed, a very necessary act in our day-to-day interpersonal relationships. It’s our … Continue Reading Let it Go! 


So disappointed by the eventuals of the day Hoping for an empty danfo with its choking smell The struggle of a hiked bus fare But in the midst of it I still manage a friendly gesture I compliment the beautiful lady She looks so stressed, standing alone at the bus … Continue Reading “HECTIC”


Charcoal black, years back when mother with black soap did bathe her. In the mask of the bright yellow sun beautiful black pearl she shone just like the dotless face of the iron, opaque mirror smeared with oil. Shea butter smear gave great joy days before she cast eyes on … Continue Reading “SHE WAS”


Yaayyy..its a beautiful Monday and I’m going to be sharing a very vital secret with you all.  make sure you read it through. Why do we spend one-third of our lives doing NOTHING? Yes.  Virtually nothing but SLEEPING. The average person sleeps about 8 hours a day.  And if we … Continue Reading MONDAY MEDICINE