Scars remind us of many things, the pains, the loss, but more importantly, the healing process. Don’t fight your scars, don’t hide them either. Appreciate them for what they are: a reminder that you won the battle. Step out his week as a victory, not a victim. The past is … Continue Reading Scars

Vital Signs

You know that saying in medicine when they say “Patient’s vitals are now stable”? Yeah! That’s one of the most reassuring things to be said about a patient, especially one who was initially assessed and thought to be deteriorating. “Temperature is 36.5 degrees, Pulse is 72 beats per minute, Respiratory … Continue Reading Vital Signs


I stay up all night I work hard all day I smell like trash I eat a lot of trash too The fast life, I hear that’s what it’s called You get born, You go to School in no time You get a job, Soon, you fall in love Kids … Continue Reading Worth