Heart to Heart

Dear EnGw, Is there really love out there? Does it exist or is it a sort of thing people do to just make themselves feel good about another person? I’m 24, I’ve had 2 previous boyfriends who’ve shattered my heart literally. They were worthless pieces of scumbags who just wanted … Continue Reading Heart to Heart

They don’t wait!

The rays of sunshine came dashing through my window this sunrise I thought I’d pick up the source and put in my pocket till I’m ready for some sunlight Alas!¬† It couldn’t be; the morning doesn’t care a bit for the procrastinator.   Time, I consider a rebel The Sun, … Continue Reading They don’t wait!

Heroine (1)

She stood there with the pistol in her hand. The trigger sat quietly waiting for her index finger to tickle it’s fancy. Abdullah lay by her side, far away in his dreams. He was probably dreaming about Tanya again, for all Amina cared. “Shoot him” was all she heard in … Continue Reading Heroine (1)

Christmas Ginger

Hi EnGw Family. As we know, it’s one week away and trust me,  the holidays are kicking in. So what’s the deal… We’re going on a break here too. Come on,  we too need rest here at the EnGw team, don’t you think so ūü§Ē?  Well, before we go on … Continue Reading Christmas Ginger


Good evening family, it’s a beautiful Thursday and there’s a strong impression on my heart to share this teaching with us. I trust God for understanding and I hope we all get blessed in Jesus name. WYSIWYG is an acronym for “What You See Is What You Get” and somewhere … Continue Reading WYSIWYG¬†

Up for Grabs!!!

It’s the season of sharing and giving. Christmas is here!  We are proud to announce the ENGW CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE. All you have to do to participate is to  1. Write a beautiful Christmas Poem (not longer than 15 lines) OR  2. Write an awesome Christmas Story (not longer than 700 words)  … Continue Reading Up for Grabs!!!


You used me to get what you wanted I never wanted in on any of this Yet, Now I’m stuck with you All because I gave you the one thing that mattered to me My heart!   You were my energy You fueled my fire And then all of a … Continue Reading Leverage