The beginning of a thing is a defining moment in time. It defines its purpose, its direction, and most importantly, its end. As a creative, I have come to learn that most times, you might be stuck at the beginning of an article, trying to understand where the article would … Continue Reading Begin-ning

I Shine!

“Sunshine”- the Moon called to me this morning “Can’t you see what you’re lacking?” I looked to myself looking for what was missing Wasn’t I the one who shone so bright I could blind anyone’s eyes? Or maybe that was my defect I was too bright! O my! The day … Continue Reading I Shine!

We all say

“Subtle- thats the word“. Krishna described with pains, the discrimination he faced daily in England. “It’s like it’s a holy crime to be different” Chinedu’s experience wasn’t so much much different, only extreme. “I was greeted with hostility everywhere I went” he recalled as he narrated his encounters as an … Continue Reading We all say