Magic or MiracleĀ 

It’s a beautiful Thursday and we’d be looking at a special Teaching from the Scriptures.  You must have read of the story of the Egyptians and the Israelitesat the Red Sea. But let’s quickly refresh our memories.  Moses reluctantly agreed to deliver the Israelites from their Egyptian slavelords after a … Continue Reading Magic or MiracleĀ 

Let it Go!Ā 

ā€‹I think of it as an impossible task. Yes. It’s nearly impossible to forgive, or so it appears. Alright, before you go all out criticising my thinking, just know that I was only joking. Forgiveness is very possible, and indeed, a very necessary act in our day-to-day interpersonal relationships. It’s our … Continue Reading Let it Go!Ā 

The Untidy Me

Call me dirty He calls me purity Say I stink He says… Of you I think ” I may look clumsy I may act simple I may be unkempt My Lord still puts up with me….   Guess what He says…. I love the sinner in you… It’s just the … Continue Reading The Untidy Me