The Mo-6 Pt. 3

Hollup. Hollup.. Hollupppp! Don’t tell me you missed Parts 1 and 2. Like seriously, you didn’t read about the midwives, or about Jo’. My, my, my. You’re so missing. But because you’re my personal person, I’ve put the links here for you. If you like, don’t click it. The Mo-6 … Continue Reading The Mo-6 Pt. 3

The Mo-6 (Pt. 2)

Hi Everyone, it’s another episode today on our Mo-6 series. For those who don’t know what Mo-6 stands for, it’s a catchy word that represents six pivotal women who played major roles in the life of Moses. Too many a time, we focus on the male characters in the scriptures … Continue Reading The Mo-6 (Pt. 2)

The Mo-6

Civil Disobedience Holy Defiance Resistance to an evil authority Moses was a type of Jesus. Jesus came to save the world; Moses was to save the Israelites. Jesus brought the New Testament of grace; Moses brought the First Testament of the Law. A whole chapter in the book of Hebrews … Continue Reading The Mo-6

Awake, Ugly Soul!

Spewing profanities as lyricsWearing improprieties as fashionPosting ugliness, in the name of being woke. You advertise your nudity for cloutWhat happened to your dignity?Thrown out, I gurss Self love this, Self love that, you scream.Soon, you’d love yourself so selfishly, you’d have no love left for anyone else Apathy clouds … Continue Reading Awake, Ugly Soul!