We all say

“Subtle- thats the word“. Krishna described with pains, the discrimination he faced daily in England. “It’s like it’s a holy crime to be different” Chinedu’s experience wasn’t so much much different, only extreme. “I was greeted with hostility everywhere I went” he recalled as he narrated his encounters as an … Continue Reading We all say

Sheila says

“I’m 87 years young” she said with a grin along her cheeks. “It’s a long time to be born, 1932” she smiled as she confirmed her date of birth to me. Sheila had come for her right hip replacement surgery. As I took her bloods for routine post-op tests, I … Continue Reading Sheila says

Oga Emeka say…

I used to think everything revolved around money for him. For he was devoted to his business. Importer, Exporter, Pure water! One day, I asked Oga Emeka what was the most important thing to him. And then he sang that song to me 🎶 If we no make money, wetin … Continue Reading Oga Emeka say…

Aunty Tawa say…

Buy Butter Bread! O’ngbona bread!! O’nyọ butter bread!!! Her voice, thin as a bird’s, sung out lyrics of sweat and toil. She was my alarm clock every morning, and the source of my day’s strength. Her Agege bread was divinely satisfying. I once asked her, “Aunty Tawa, wetin make you … Continue Reading Aunty Tawa say…

Vital Signs

You know that saying in medicine when they say “Patient’s vitals are now stable”? Yeah! That’s one of the most reassuring things to be said about a patient, especially one who was initially assessed and thought to be deteriorating. “Temperature is 36.5 degrees, Pulse is 72 beats per minute, Respiratory … Continue Reading Vital Signs


Some people just take you for a magician. I’m a doctor for God’s sake, not some hocus-pocus, wand shaking, smoke spreading enchanter. Be that as it may, I can pass for a magician too though! How, you say? Simple. I change words to sentences, lines to poems and paragraphs to … Continue Reading Magic!

Be Grateful!

A few days back, I recall very well it was a Tuesday and I started my day in a very bad mood. I had spent the previous day trying to understand a particular topic I needed to teach but couldn’t. I woke up grouchy and a little bit angry with … Continue Reading Be Grateful!

​IGNORANT gods (1)

It’s a beautiful Thursday again and we delve together into the scriptures for some teachings!!!    Psalms 82:5 They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.  Psalms 82:6 I have said, Ye [are] gods; and all … Continue Reading ​IGNORANT gods (1)