The Invisible 404

“He was standing right before my very eyes and he just vanished into thin air. Just like that, he was gone with a bag of cash. I don’t know how he did it” That was Maria’s statement to the police officers who interviewed her and other bank staff members after … Continue Reading The Invisible 404

Heroine 2

Hi there, We conclude HEROINE our story today. but should you have missed the first episode, here it is for you to quickly read Heroine 1 Now to today’s episode “Ma’am, we’d have some good news” Dr. Nola said. Amina’s journey since she first noticed the mini-spurtings had not just … Continue Reading Heroine 2

Heroine (1)

She stood there with the pistol in her hand. The trigger sat quietly waiting for her index finger to tickle it’s fancy. Abdullah lay by her side, far away in his dreams. He was probably dreaming about Tanya again, for all Amina cared. “Shoot him” was all she heard in … Continue Reading Heroine (1)