So disappointed by the eventuals of the day Hoping for an empty danfo with its choking smell The struggle of a hiked bus fare But in the midst of it I still manage a friendly gesture I compliment the beautiful lady She looks so stressed, standing alone at the bus … Continue Reading “HECTIC”


Charcoal black, years back when mother with black soap did bathe her. In the mask of the bright yellow sun beautiful black pearl she shone just like the dotless face of the iron, opaque mirror smeared with oil. Shea butter smear gave great joy days before she cast eyes on … Continue Reading “SHE WAS”

The Companion in You

Very soft, Very sweet. Very beautiful, and cute. With you, life is always cool And never lonely… Cos… You are the best companion. Through thick and thin On my shoulder you still lean And in times of abundance, You’d never ask for extravagance Simple, but smart. Moderate …  Bright Your … Continue Reading The Companion in You