A Beautiful Chaos

A myriad of stars swimming scattered in the ocean The shadows of them reflecting, sprinkled randomly in the sky A Beautiful Chaos Black, White, Blue, Brown, Pale, Red, swift like the feet of a castrated fawn Blinking like pearly diamonds on a golden crown Yet, so bleak like Shakespeare’s dawn … Continue Reading A Beautiful Chaos

Let’s Be One

Chidi: Emeka! Emeka, when will you emulate Adaku When will you start being a playmaker And stop dancing ShakuShaku All you ever caused me Are cries, pains and hurt Why not just let me be And stop haunting my thoughts You’re just like Papa! A piece of nothingness, Yes,you my … Continue Reading Let’s Be One

They don’t wait!

The rays of sunshine came dashing through my window this sunrise I thought I’d pick up the source and put in my pocket till I’m ready for some sunlight Alas!  It couldn’t be; the morning doesn’t care a bit for the procrastinator.   Time, I consider a rebel The Sun, … Continue Reading They don’t wait!