Broken Hearts

“One more time“, he begged. “Let me be your hero, one more time  Let me charge in and save you.  Let me stop the rain and make you smile again.  Your eyes are red, Soaked with bloody tears. My heart quakes because you won’t let me in.  One more time  let … Continue Reading Broken Hearts

Madam, I no Do (4)

It’s Saturday again. And it’s story time😊. Yaaaaayyyyy.  Did you miss any of the previous episodes?  Catch up right away before going on to today’s episode. Madam, I no Do (1)  Madam I no Do (2) Madam, I no Do (3) So let’s get to today’s story quickly… “Get out … Continue Reading Madam, I no Do (4)

Madam, I no Do (3)

Hey… It’s Tayo sharing his story with us again! Did you miss episodes 1 and 2? Here they are: Madam, I no Do (1)  Madam I no Do (2) Let’s get to today’s story already…😀   “​Medical Student, present your patient“, said the managing Consultant. “I present Mr Tayo Aregbesola, … Continue Reading Madam, I no Do (3)